When choosing the model, the density of the fabric, demand of the customers and many other parameters are taken into account. In our company designers with many years of experience are employed. They create different, fashionable, unique models in accordance with trends, which satisfy all ranges of our customers.



One of the main stages in the production of knitting is the process of knitting parts of the garment. Our machines Shima Seiki are composed of 29 unity: 5 gauges ( 5 unity)  7 gauges (9 unity) 14 gauges (13 unity) and 18 gauges (2 unity), this allow to us to make a large skill of products. Due to the knitting machines we get separate knitted parts of garment from yarn (front, back, sleeves, collar, pocket, etc.).The knitted parts must definitely get a quality control before passing the next stage of production.



The main task of the programmers working in our company is to create a special program for our SHIMA SEIKI knitting machines according to the sample measurement specification sheet given by the designers which they make due to the instructions of our customers, they also select the necessary technological actions for creating and producing the model.


Quality control & packing

Quality controllers check the size of the finished  product, the color, the density of the fabric, the compliance of the sample with the set technical conditions and standards. Their main task is to ensure the perfection of the finished product. The final product is taken to the packaging department, where it is labeled with the appropriate labels (model name, barcode, color, size, washcare labels), after which the product is packaged and stored before delivery.


Sewing process

The sewing process  involves not only the process of joining knitted parts of the garments together, but also processes such as fastening buttons, zippers, pockets, tapes, accessories, sewing, embroidery.

The opening ceremony of ‘Asa Garment’ plant took place


“TEXAS PRODUCTION” CJSC was established in 2017 by the Armenian company “ALEX” and the Bulgarian company “KAYF”. The company is producing  knitted garment and is the first company in this field in Armenia. Only high-quality materials (yarn), machines and equipment of well-known brands are used in production,  which allow to get high quality products with the help of our best specialists .Yarn and materials are imported from the best European suppliers. Our factory produces a wide range of women’s, men’s and children’s knitwear (sweaters, trousers, jackets, skirts, dresses, hats, scarves, etc.)Our products are  exported mainly to the Russian and European market.

The main goal of our company is to promote  “MADE IN ARMENIA” quality  all around the world.


Europe 70%
Russia 25%
Armenia 5%


Women 50%
Men 25%
Kid 25%
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